Poems by Walter Heineman    
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i smell a vortex
spiritual journeys
i keep hearing them
the birds have a murderous gaze
a chorus of other things
the door that did not exist moments before
post graduate work
poverty manifesto
a ruler that is too short
a woman arguing
absentia recounting
abstract confirmations
accountants dealing with the visions
actuarial tables
after all
after everything else
afternoon nap
all its living relics removed
all the dangers that abound
alone at night
alone in the garden
an empty lot
an evening better spent somewhere else
an incomplete diary
and why
anyway and you
aphrodite hitchhiking on the road to damascus
archimedes after hours
ask which one word
asked about the universe
at the altar
at the edge of the wager
at the hospital
at the same time
attracted to each other
autumn is beginning
avoiding a verb
avoiding free traders of religious relics
avoiding the crime scene
because we have seen them
before god nature
before morning
before you open it
being one
being together
believe me
believing something
birds on tree branches
birthday equivalency
black crowned night herons
bon voyage
booking passage
breaking bread
capitalism and marketing
celestial navigations
challenged on real housekeeping
childhood lessons
circumspect moralists
clattering to the floor
cleansing the thoughts
clear ideas
communal agreement
conceit and its concerns
concerned that i am not
concerning thought
consciousness and commissions
conspicuous consumption
constant prayer
contemplating the demons
crossing the border
daily metaphysical migraines
darwin looking back
day after day
dealing with the issues of transcendence
death should not come for me
delicate matters
desert religions
dialectic safety practice
diffusing the crisis
disassociation and invisible friends
discovering spiritual mellowness
divine judgement
dna postcard
do not go out
dressing for the evening
emotional standoffs
ending the standoff
enough of this
equilibrium is a struggle

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