Poems by Walter Heineman    
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which one would you save
a waste of money
and that is what i think i am watching
i have spent years
i want revenge
i want to keep my hands ready
if you want to know that you must go over there
notifications have been posted
secret engines and circles
the abuse of self
the park
those are not rays of sunlight
who answers the question
a crouching woman twisted into herself
a wife who wakes up
advising adam and eve
all these plans
an ugly mission
ancestral grudges
asking for forgiveness
closer to the end
coming to terms with it
death wrestling
dietary sin
does the eternal
enough money
everyone laughing
fertility requires our interest
finding out
how do i explain what i am
how do we forgive
how does a god pass away
i am troubled
i just cannot help it
i try to explain the garden
if you live long enough
if you need to have faith
in this place
intimate bathroom grooming
moving camelot
my grandfather explained genealogy
not everyone
opening the meaning
organize the execution
playing the guitar
predacious lovers
satan and the last laugh
sin lives in the place where everything is for sale
six days pass
small games with the dead
special interest groups
spiritual cursing
the assembly place
the calendric question
the conflict
the crossing bridge
the dancer
the first moment
the idea
the lesson of fabric metamorphosing into a rag
the lesson
the meaning of evolution
the missing rib
the mouth of a tyrant
the mystic
the other playground
the proper emotion
the recidivist
the same thing
the sound of women laughing
the strategist
the topsoil
the true faith of anyone
there is nothing cruel
truth in astronomy
understanding wisdom
what is a beautiful field to them
what is justice
when the soul leaves its body
who teaches the soul
constellations with no stars
i suppose you could argue
in weather like this
no one lives in the moment
she reminds me
the goddess and her daughter
the spiritual issue of incomplete men
wheel of fate
all doubts
both sides
but there is even more
closed loop
creation is what it is not
crimes against humanity
deconstructed love poem
dementia is sleeping in deep well

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